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State of emergency in Armenia

State of emergency in Armenia

(07/03-2008) The Armenian government must adhere to international law and should invite international investigations into unrest and government response to it.

The outgoing President of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan declared a 20-day state of emergency 1 March in order to restore order after violent clashes between demonstrators and police in central Yerevan. The demonstrators were challenging the official results of the 19 February Presidential elections, giving incumbent Prime Minister Serge Sargsyan 52.8 % of the vote.

– International law sets strict criteria for declaring a state of emergency and limiting fundamental rights and freedoms, Deputy Secretary General of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, says Gunnar M. Karlsen said.

- In order to promote calm and reconciliation, the Armenian government should invite an independent investigation into the post-election violence and the government response to it.

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