Press Prizes for Russia and Eastern Europe Announced | Den norske Helsingforskomité

Press Prizes for Russia and Eastern Europe Announced

Three of the prize winners for this years press prizes ”Free Press of Russia” and ”Free Press of Eastern Europe”, was nominated by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. The winners were announced by The Freedom of Expression Foundation of Oslo and the ZEIT Foundation of Hamburg this monday. The Russian journalist Zoya Svetova, the azerbaijani journalist Natiq Gavadli and the Azerbaijani newspaper Azaliq will receive their prizes together with the other winners at the Norwegian Nobel Institute on 3 june.

The nominations of this year's press prize laureates indicate that the situation for freedom of the press and expression is deteriorating in several Eastern European countries. Attacks on the independent press are illustrated by the never-ending lawsuits filed by the authorities against journalists, editors and newspapers. The authorities use libel provisions to prevent investigative journalism, limit public debate and suppress open criticism of the authorities, high-ranking civil servants or other powerful players. Click on the link below to read more about this years prize winners.