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Execution of criminal sanctions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(29/03-2010) The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina reports on monitoring of the execution of criminal sanctions in the country.

The report is based on a monitoring project carried out in co-operation with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee during 2009. The reports highlights a number of shortcomings in legislation and practice and recommends inter alia that the independent prison inspection established in 2009 be made operational as soon as possible.


On the basis of Monitoring in the field of execution of criminal sanctions, the Helsinki Committee for Human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina propose the following recommendations:


1. Harmonize standards and regulation concerning execution of criminal sanctions on the whole territory of BiH. The lack of harmonization results in unequal position and violation of rights equal for all;

2. Governments and relevant ministries at all levels would have to intensify activities on construction of the State Prison and equipping of the Sokolac Psychiatric Clinic;

3. In the Federation of BiH, the construction of a correctional detention facility for juveniles should finally commence;

4. Relevant ministries should establish prison administrations along with harmonized legislation and standards;

5. Develop and improve the system of conditional release;

6. Affirm execution of alternative sanctions and community service;

7. Improve the system of treatment of specific categories of prison population,

8. The health care system should be upgraded in line with the European Prison Rules and with respect for needs of the overall prison population;

9. Invest additional efforts to establish and make operational the independent prison inspection in BiH as soon as possible;

10. Review the current classification of all prisons;

11. Develop a legally defined and harmonized system of pardon in line with international standards;

12. Develop and implement a harmonized system of education and training for prison staff in BiH.