Helsinki Committee activist shot dead in Bosnia | Den norske Helsingforskomité

Helsinki Committee activist shot dead in Bosnia

(23/02-2007) Dusko Kondor from the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bijelina, Republika Srpska, was shot dead on his doorstep in the late evening of 22 February 2007.

He and his family had been harassed by local gangsters for a year and a half, and had made several appeals to the police for protection. Mr. Kondor had last visited the Bijelina police office hours before he was killed.

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee finds it disturbing that efforts were not made to secure the family's protection. We are concerned that members of the Republica Srpska Helsinki Committee do not receive adequate protecion and service from the local police and security forces, due to their persistent activism with regard to former war crimes and current human rights issues.