Arbitrary application of law in Kosovo? | Den norske Helsingforskomité

Arbitrary application of law in Kosovo?

(15/08-2007) On July 27 Norwegian Helsinki Committee representative Julie Chadbourne panelled on the television show "Life in Kosovo" debating the position of the judiciary.

The debate focused in particular on prolonged detention in cases such as that of Vetëvendosja leader Albin Kurti who were arrested after violent demonstrations in February.

Chadbourne said the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the International Helsinki Federation were denied permission to visit Kurti whilst in detention and that no proper justification was given for this. Other organisations and political officials were granted permission to visit Kurti which.

- Such practice speaks about arbitrary application of the law, Chadbourne stated.

The other panelists included Kujtim Kërveshi, advisor to the Kosovo Minister of Justice, Gjylbehare Murati from the Institution of Ombudsperson, Ismet Kabashi, prosecutor in Kosovo Supreme Court, Valon Murati from Prishtina University Centre for Human Rights and Vetëvendosja leader Albin Kurti who took part in the debate through a live feed.