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Kurti Trial: A Case for Retrial?

(31/01-2008) Julie Chadbourne is the NHC local representative in Kosovo
The Norwegian Helsinki Committee suggests that the controversial Kurti Case in Kosovo may be a case for retrial.

Having monitored the Albin Kurti trial since it began in autumn 2007, the Norwegian Helsinki Committe and the Danish Helsinki Committee today stated that concerns about his case are so serious that a retrial may be required.

The statement criticizes the way in which the internationalized courts in Kosovo have handled the case so far.

- Mr. Kurti was under extended detention for more than ten months until about mid December 2007 when all restrictive measures were removed. Numerous human rights groups have expressed concern about the legal justification for such measures. The court appears to have violated a number of procedural requirements throughout the process as well, raising concern that the case is in short unfair.

- Regardless of what people think of Mr. Kurti or his politics, he must have a fair trial. His freedom and liberty also cannot be unnecessarily restricted, says Norwegian Helsinki Committee's Kosovo representative, Julie Chadbourne.