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Serious accountability problems

(12/03-2008) Hina Jilani, the UN Special Representative for Human Rights Defenders, presented a report to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva this week.

In the report, Jilani adressed ”the seriousness of the accountability problems of the international administration” and stated that ”Accountability is essential for public confidence in the actions of the international administration. It is also essential to the rule of law and the enjoyment of human rights” and called for the issue to “be addressed as a matter of priority”.

-These concerns pointed out by the Special Representative do not just apply to the UNMIK of the past. They are relevant for present and future international administrations in Kosovo. The Norwegian Helsinki Committee hopes it will be understood by European countries how fundamentally important addressing accountability concerns will be to the overall success of EU missions in Kosovo, says Balkan adviser Ole Benny Lilleås.