The Kurti Case: Law or Politics? | Den norske Helsingforskomité

The Kurti Case: Law or Politics?

(14/05-2007) The Norwegian Helsinki Committee is concerned about the legality of detention cases in Kosovo, and about the arbitrariness in human rights organisations' access to interview detainees.

Last week an international judge in Kosovo decided to release Albin Kurti, the leader of the Self-Determination Movement, from pre-trial detention after three months, placing him instead under house arrest. Less than twenty-four hours later Mr. Kurti was back in detention.

Past events have concerns about the legality of Mr. Kurti’s detention and the impartiality of decision-making in the U.N.-administered province of Kosovo. Regardless of one’s personal views on Mr. Kurti and his movement or the politics of the moment vis-à-vis Security Council proceedings on Kosovo’s future, rule of law must apply to his detention as it would in any other case.