Where is Serbia going? | Den norske Helsingforskomité

Where is Serbia going?

(02/04-2008) The Norwegian Helsinki Committee's seminar about the situation in Serbia yesterday, was welcommed with great interest. 50 attendants were present to follow the discussions about the current situation in Serbia.

- Sonja Biserko warned that mainstream Serbian political elite and society continues to cling to ethno-nationalistic ideas of the state, prioritizing the struggle for territory and maintaining ideas such that Serbs cannot live together with other people. She held that Serbia does not have the force and capacity to deal with the fundamental problems, which are linked to these values, on its own and called for the European Union and other countries to open up to Serbian society and engage citizens to show the benefits of European integration in concrete ways and thereby opening up space for civil society.

She also highlighted how groups and individuals, like human rights defenders, which contest the dominant nationalist dogma are seen and treated as “internal enemies of Serbia”.

Sonja Biserko, has been chair of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia since it was formed in 1994. She is known as a brave, well-informed and analytical human

rights defender with a high domestic profile and high international standing.