Small Grants Fund Central Asia 2017

Small Grants Fund Central Asia 2017

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee is glad to announce the continuation of our Small Grants Program in support of human rights, democratization and the strengthening of civil society in Central Asia.

This year, we welcome project proposals from across the region. Since the establishment of the Small Grants Program in 2007, our focus has been on core human rights issues, ranging from Freedom of speech to Freedom from torture and ill-treatment, and beyond. We particularly welcome original approaches from fresh initiatives in Central Asia.

All project proposals must include a project description, timeline, participants and target group, an assessment of possible risks, as well as expected goals and results. Proposals must include a detailed budget up to 10,000 USD. However, smaller projects from newly established organizations are also encouraged, and will be given attention.

All project proposals must include an overview of current grants and previous grants for the past 3 years. Please note that organizations currently receiving funding from major donors may not be eligible for this grant. Please check before submitting your proposal.

Proposals may be presented in English or Russian.

Proposals must be submitted electronically by 1 March 2017 to the following address:

Any questions regarding this announcement should be directed to the above e-mail address.

Read also the announcement here.