Drawing for Freedom exhibition opens in Berlin

Drawing for Freedom exhibition opens in Berlin

Today the exhibition Drawing for Freedom, depicting political prisoners in Azerbaijan, opens at the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Berlin. The art project ”Drawing for Freedom” is a cooperation between the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and the Academy of Fine Art of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.The thematic focus of the project is political prisoners in Azerbaijan. On 22 July, at 18:00, the Heinrich Böll Foundation jointly with NHC, organises a panel discussion on the situation in Azerbaijan in the same place, titled 'Azerbaijan: shrinking or lost spaces for opposition?'. There will also be a tour of the exhibition.

Open Thursday, 15.06.2017 10:00 – Saturday, 01.07.2017 18:00
Daily opening hours: 10:00 - 18

Please find more information about the panel discussion here.

During the past three years there has been a massive crack-down on human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and other activists in Azerbaijan, and the country currently holds more than 140 political prisoners.
Drawing for Freedom exhibition opens in Berlin
”Drawing fo
r Freedom” aims at contributing to increased awareness andaction to free these prisoners, as well as to convey a message of solidarity. The project is based on the notion that to draw is to see, and is inspired by ”Art for Democracy”, an initiative established in 2012 by Rasul Jafarov, a human rights activist who at the time was jailed in Azerbaijan.

Drawing for Freedom exhibition opens in Berlin
Campaign posters

Some 20 art students and 3 Norwegian artists are involved in the project. The works presented here have been produced in September- November 2015, after the artists and students involved met with activists from Azerbaijan, including a former political prisoner and the relative of two of the political prisoners. Some of the works have been added at a later stage.

The artists are: Hans Adell, Erla Audunsdottir, Julia Alfe Bylund, Øyvor Hansen Engen, Therese Frisk, Aksel Octavius Norreen Hauklien, Amanda Hårsmar, Heidi Klemetsen, Anna Knappe, Kachun Lay, Janne Maria Lysen, Anna Sofie Mathiasen, Nasim Iranpour Mashak,

Drawing for Freedom exhibition opens in Berlin
Ilgar Mammadov. By Terje Nicolaisen

Lykourgos Porfyris, Elisabeth Samstad, Erle Saxegaard, Love Terins, Linnea Vestre, Morten Jensen Vågen and Suzannah Rehell Øistad.  Norwegian artists with experience with political art/drawing portraits were also involved: Terje Nicolaisen, Morten Krohg, Shwan Dler Qaradaki and Lotte Konow Lund. Terje Nicolaisen was heavily involved in the creative process, also with his own contribution of works. Professor Jeanette Christensen at the Academy of Fine Art of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts was responsible the the project, with assistance from artist Anne Marit Austbø. Austø had the original idea, and both Christensen and Austø contributed with own artistic works.




Drawing for Freedom exhibition opens in Berlin
Leyla and Arif Yunus. By Suzannah Rehell Øistad.

”Drawing for Freedom” has been exhibited in Paris City Hall, at Stockholm Defenders’ Days and at the Akershus Art Centre just outside Oslo.