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A good friend and partner has passed away

A good friend and partner has passed away

A dedicated human rights defender and our good friend Boris Zvoskov, head of the Legal Initiative human rights association, has died, after a prolonged disease. The Norwegian Helsinki Committee has known and cooperated closely with Boris for over ten years. We extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

A knowledgeable and skilled jurist, he insisted on the law in defending the human rights of victims of the Belarusian repression, the hallmark of the regime of Alexander Lukashenko. Through this work, he understood that to be able to fight the repression of the regime, knowledge of domestic and international human rights law is both a crucial and an efficient tool. Over many years, and under the increasing pressure from the regime, Boris has trained young activists, lawyers, journalists and human rights defenders in the practical use of legal rights and international human rights standards both in defense of themselves and in defending others. Boris was loved and trusted by the democratic community all over Belarus, and will be deeply missed by us here in the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.

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