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New report from the NHC

New report from the NHC

The report "Turkmenistan: Dashoguz Women’s Prison Colony" gives a unique look into the everyday life in the women’s prison colony in the city of Dashoguz, in the very north of Turkmenistan.

Over 2000 female inmates serve their sentences in the prison colony under very harsh conditions, some of which amounts to ill-treatment and torture. While Turkmenistan remains completely closed to international human rights monitoring, its human rights record is also one of the worst in the world, placing it at the very bottom of all indexes on democracy and basic freedoms.

At a time when international companies are granted more access to Turkmenistan and indeed are invited to take part in the development of its hydro-carbon sector, the international community must press for access to the country also by human rights organizations. We should also help domestic NGOs who wish to carry out their legitimate work without fear of reprisal.

In addition to being published for general distribution, the report will also be submitted to the 46th review session of the UN Committee Against Torture, who will consider the report submitted by the Turkmen government along with those by independent human rights organizations in May 2011 (CAT review).

The information in the report has been collected by Turkmen activists and was edited by the NHC. Due to security concerns, the names of the authors are kept confidential.

Download the report here

Download Russian version of the report here