PrideHouse 24 June: "Proudly presenting 'Perverts and Sodomites'" | Den norske Helsingforskomité

PrideHouse: "Proudly presenting 'Perverts and Sodomites'"

PrideHouse: "Proudly presenting 'Perverts and Sodomites'"

Are you wondering how it is to be an LGBTIQ activist when society looks upon you like a pervert and sodomite? How people continue fighting for human rights of LGBTIQ persons when it seems like every step forward is followed by two steps back? Or were you among the many people worldwide that spoke up against Russia's so-called anti-homosexual propaganda laws before the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014, and want to know how you can be an ally for LGBTIQ once again?

On occasion of Oslo Pride 2016 the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, FRI, Open Society Foundation and OsloPride 2016 invite you to two seminars about the situation for LGBTIQ activists in Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Slovakia.

The homophobic shootings in Orlando 12 June where 49 innocent persons were killed in the club ”Pulse”, was an important reminder that the fight for fundamental freedom for LGBTIQ persons is a battle that need to be fought every day, everywhere. Our guests know this very well; facing homophobia and transphobia by the general public, hate groups and authorities – but also winning important battles for equality and human rights. On these seminars they will share their stories, and give important insight on how you as an individual can support them in their everyday work.

Join us for these important events at Pride House at Eldorado Bookshop Friday 24 June!

”Proudly presenting 'perverts and sodomites' - The challenges of being an LGBTIQ activist in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans"

Date:24 June 2016, 12:00-13:30

What is it like to be an activist when threats and attacks, homophobia and transphobia is part of your everyday life? Where speaking up for the LGBTIQ community makes people look at you as a «pervert and a sodomite»?

In this session lgbt activists from Eastern Europe and Western Balkans will tell their stories about their fight for fundamental human rights through films and images.


Olena Shevchenko, Insight (Ukraine)

Kārlis Kalniņš, LGBT and their friends alliance "Mozaika" (Latvia)

Antonio Mihajlov, Subversive Front (Macedonia)

Alexander Schneider, Košice Pride (Slovakia)

Simon Maljevac, Legebitra (Slovenia)

The debate will be moderated by Gregory Czarnecki, Open Society Foundation

”Absolut Ally – what does it take to be one?"
Date: 24 June 2016, 14:00-15:30

During the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 one of the world’s most intense campaigns for LGBTIQ rights emerged internationally. Vodka was poured in the street, rainbow flags waved outside of Russian embassies, and memes of Putin went viral.

Sochi became a momentum where anyone anywhere could be an activist and set the agenda for LGBTIQ rights in Russia. Several other LGBTIQ groups and events receive support from allies, including various Norwegian actors, but is it the right kind? What happens when activists in the countries concerned cannot control what the agenda will be?

Activists from Central- and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, and members of the international community share their tips on how you and your friends can be 'absolute allies' with the worldwide LGBTIQ community.


Boban Stojanović, Belgrade Pride (Serbia)

Jej Perfekcyjność, Volunteers of Equality Foundation (Poland)

Marian Kramařík, Prague Pride (Czech Republic)

Olena Shevchenko, Insight (Ukraine)

Mina Skouen, The Norwegian Helsinki Committee (Norway)

Marna Eide, FRI (Norway)

The debate will be moderated by Lina Tordsson, FRI

Pride House at Eldorado Bookshop is facilitated by Oslo Prides and FRI Oslo and Akershus and is the arena during pride dedicated debates, politics and workshops. This year the theme for Oslo Pride is solidarity, and the complete Pride House program is online here: