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Recommendations to OSCE Ministerial Meeting in Kiev

Recommendations to OSCE Ministerial Meeting in Kiev

Ivar Dale, NHC Central Asia representative, has participated at the OSCE Parallel Civil Society conference in Kiev in connection with the now ongoing OSCE Ministerial Council. During the meeting, the Civic Solidarity Platform developed a policy document containing civil society analysis and recommendations on alarming human dimension issues across the OSCE region and on human dimensions issues in Ukraine, in light of the country’s OSCE Chairmanship. It also includes recommendations for increasing the efficiency of the OSCE human dimension process. -The Platform provides an excellent opportunity for non-governmental organizations to meet and develop common strategies to fight the serious human rights violations that unfortunately remain all over the OSCE region. The Outcome Document should be studied closely by government representatives who wish to contribute to democratic development, Ivar Dale comments.

The platform is a network of 54 human rights organisations working to improve the human rights situation in Europe, Eurasia and the US, and in which the Norwegian Helsinki Committee is a member, arranged the meeting from 2-4 in a Kiev dominated by mass demonstrations.

Download the outcome document here

Additionally, the platform developed a separate document, The Kiev declaration on torture, where the members urge the OSCE to make combating torture a priority. Read the declaration on torture here