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Updates on the situation in Ukraine

Updates on the situation in Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine develops by the day, and the need for sound and objective information is huge. The Norwegian Helsinki Committee recommends the regular updates provided by the Civic Solidarity Platform, a network of human rights organizations who cooperate to gather information with a special attention to the human rights situation. The Norwegian Helsinki Committee is a founding member of the Platform and among the NGOs to assist in the efforts in Ukraine. The information provided in the updates is always based on findings by human rights experts on the ground, and our local members of the Platform are key providers of information.

The updates are to be found on the Civic Solidarity Platform website (link).

About the Platform:

Updates on the situation in UkraineThe Civic Solidarity Platform was created to bring together non-governmental organizations committed to improving the human rights situation in Europe, Eurasia and the US. It provides a common space for these groups to share their experience in conducting research, advocacy, and public organizing and to find new channels of communication and improved methods for working cooperatively. Its aim is to serve as a conduit through which civic activists can build alliances, strengthen mutual support and solidarity, and improve their influence on national and international human rights policy.