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A day to remember

Today, February 5, it is 10 years ago since the St. Petersburg special police carried out an operation of ethnic cleansing in the village of New Aldy of Zavodskoi district in the city of Grozny.

According to the Human Rights Centre Memorial there have been 56 people killed, there were no separatists (boeviks) among the shot, only civilians – women, children, elderly people, disabled. This operation was one of the bloodiest in the history of the second Chechen war. The tragedy of New Aldy, the crime committed there and a 10-year story of impunity is directly connected to the problems of modern Russia. The killers - people in police uniform - were neither named nor punished.


Memorial arranges, together with other Russian and International NGOs, memory actions today in order to remember the tragedy by showing the film 'Aldy. Without a limitation period', which is based on documentary shots made by New Aldy residents on February 9, 2000 and the interview with the eyewitnesses of the events made by HRC Memorial in January-February 2009. The Norwegian Helsinki Committee joins the action. The film about Aldy will be available on this website soon.