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Demonstrated against Medvedev

Under the banner "No security without human rights", 60 persons yesterday protested against the grave, and worsening, situation for human rights in Russia

The protest took place outside of the Grand Hotel, where president Medvedev stayed during his visit to Oslo. The protest was arranged by Amnesty International, the Human Rights House Foundation, and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Both Norwegian and international demonstrators, including Garri Kasparov and Lydia Jusopova, who are in Oslo for the conference Oslo Freedom Forum, joined in the protest against torture, forced disapperances and the harrasment of journalists and human rights activists that is happening in today's Russia. - We want to show president Medvedev that western countries are deeply concerned when it comes to the comprehensive infringement, and the silencing of critique that his government is responsible for, said secretary general in the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Bjørn Engesland, to the large amount of reporters from both national and international media covering the protest.