The Norwegian NGO Forum for Human Rights | Den norske Helsingforskomité

The Norwegian NGO Forum for Human Rights

The Norwegian NGO Forum on Human Rights is a network of 41 Norwegian organizations active on human rights issues. It endeavours to influence Norwegian authorities – and authorities in other states – to prioritize a principled and comprehensive approach towards strengthening human rights within the framework of international organizations and at the national level.

The NGO Forum is active on Norway’s Universal Periodic Review process, and publishes alternative reports to treaty bodies. It arranges meetings and hearings on human rights issues in Norway and/or internationally. It provides input to discussions in the UN Human Rights Council and other international human rights forums.

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee serves as the Secretariat of the NGO Forum. The contact person of the Forum is Gunnar M. Ekelove-Slydal, Deputy Secretary General of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, email:

Members of the NGO Forum on Human Rights