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Monitoring, legal aid and documentation in Georgia

Monitoring, legal aid and documentation in Georgia

Support to Human Rights Center of Georgia (HRIDC) and Caucasia center of conflict studies.

The free legal aid project is especially an option for the weakest groups in society, including minorities and IDPs: The service is meant to be accessible all over the country, and there are lawyers affiliated with the HRC field offices in several towns in Eastern and Western Georgia. For 2010, 2220 cases of legal consultations provided by HRC, represented 45 cases before domestic courts, 15 cases sent to ECHR In Strasbourg

The internet magazine and the video portal/HUB is aimed to reach audiences domestically and abroad. Domestically, internet media are still relatively free, and the percentage of the internet users is increasing every day. The internet magazine will be bilingual, Georgian/English, and internationally, the information and lobbying activities are aimed at decision and policy makers in governments and international organizations, journalists, academics and NGOs with an interest in the South Caucasus. 2010 numbers: The videoportal was established Nov 2009, HRC prepared 7 films, 70 video reports, most popular report viewed 6352 times. The webpage Published 1600+ articles, app 11 000 ind users a month, many citations in media and reports, inc in int media. Six major thematic reports on hr released, app 150 advocacy and information meetings held. and Video Portal on Human Rights:

The results of the war crimes project will be presented to relevant courts, domestic and international, investigative commissions, as well as to the general public in Georgia. There will be a focus on the International Criminal Court (ICC), as national judicial authorities are not sufficiently committed to accountability.

See also the report Restricted Rights: Annual Human Rights Report for 2010, published with financial contribution from NHC.