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Transitional Justice

Transitional Justice

The three-year (2010-13) project ”Promoting a social climate propitious to Transitional Justice and a culture of non-impunity” is carried out in Serbia by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia in co-operation with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee with the support of the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The project seeks to inform the population in Serbia about war crimes and atrocities in the 1990’s war in the belief that mainstream Serbia must accept the truth about the role of Serbia and Serb nationalists in those wars in order to build a solid foundation for regional reconciliation and normalization of the intellectual climate and politics in Serbia.

Read more about the project here.

Some of the articles published in the Helsinki Charter, a bimonthly magazine published as part of the project, are also translated into English. These in-depth analyses are available here.

As part of the project, meetings with the public in cities around Serbia are organized. Read more about one of these meetings, held in Valjevo on 13 July 2011, here.

6. November 2013: The last issue of Helsinki Charter has been published, as project support no longer could be provided. In occasion of the last publication, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia published this statement:

"With this issue printed The Helsinki Charter will be published no longer. As one of longstanding projects of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, never deviating from its clear-cut editorial policy, the Charter has been issued for almost two decades.

We take this opportunity to thank donor organizations, Norwegian and Swedish Helsinki Committees and their respective governments in the first place, for having recognized the significance of the magazine’s concept for Serbia’s transition and given it their support. This is also the occasion to say thank you to our numerous contributors, friends and readers at home and in the region. Were it not for them the Charter would hardly lasted this long.

The Helsinki Committee will do its best to continue its media activism, probably in some other format that also promotes human rights and advocates for Serbia’s Europeanization, modernization and democratization."